One of the key success factors in any EPIC Project is the timely acquisition of equipment and materials. Our Procurement team is trained to provide services in the managing of equipment and materials Procurement to their final on-site delivery, including storage and dispatch to Construction sites.

EFFCON Engineering has strategic partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of oilfield equipment in   America, Europe, and Asia   in Europe for procurement of equipment ranging from stand alone to packaged equipment.

Our procurement team has extensive experience in the selection and contracting process of manufacturers and suppliers .The success of our Procurement team in projects stems from strategically establishing a procurement plan early on by setting up  particular  requirements, and where possible taken into consideration suppliers and/or contractors, budget, start-up dates, process duration like (negotiations, allocation, manufacturing, freight) as well as the associated technical and commercial risks and their mitigation.

EFFCON offers effective solutions to operators in the oil, gas, and related industries through our reliable sourcing and procurement team.